At the very convergence of a technological breakthrough and upheaval in user habits, the connected object is playing a central role in the digital revolution that companies are undergoing. From ten billion connected "things" in 2016, there will be more than 200 billion by 2020.

Now a real creator of value, the connected object is dramatically changing enterprises' economic models. Open supports you throughout the technological value chain to attain a successful IoT strategy.

An end-to-end approach based on the ideation of high-added-value uses

Employing a user-centric approach, Open supports you in finding the differentiating use that will gain user buy-in by building a global experience.

From data generation to its optimum handling: the four pillars of IoT byOpen

Because the IoT byOpen approach is not just about connected objects, Open has developed a four-step approach.

Capturing data through objects is the first key step of an IoT project. Data is collected, stored, enriched (with data from the IS or open data), processed and analysed on platforms to get the most out of its value. Open relies on its Big Data and machine learning expertise to identify consolidated actions, forecasts and results from the raw data. Naturally, these optimised results are:

  • presented to end-users through mobile applications, dashboards and even maps
  • business-consumer IS-oriented using web services and APIs
  • available to third parties as open data
Accelerate your growth with new hybrid and recurring revenue models
Reduce your costs and deadlines thanks to smart and connected machines
Improve your employees' productivity

Data-centric focus serving the IoT

The connected object is, by nature, linked to mobility, digital marketing and data. This data is heterogeneous (measure, images, numerical figures, text, etc.) and processing it implies several stages of acculturation. Becoming data-centric requires a revolution, for which enterprises must implement suitable methodologies.

Our technological partners

In its desire to respond to its clients' challenges, Open has founded structural partnerships with the main IoT players. The wide range of partners available is—for our clients—a guarantee of high performance and an eclectic approach. This complete ecosystem allows Open to always offer solutions that are relevant to the target uses and economic models.

Main partners:

  • For platforms and software: Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, IBM, Google
  • For networks: Orange, Objenious (LoRa), SigFox
  • Plus, device makers and solutions experts:, Quuppa and more...

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Your digital projects, faster

From ideation to design to production of a Minimum Viable Product, Open invites you to its FastLab to accelerate your digital projects.

How can we accomplish projects faster, better, together? By bringing together project teams and digital experts in one location conducive to innovation and equipped with the latest technology and infrastructure, using adapted agile methodology.

For more information, check out our FastLab® page.

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