Open supports estate agents in their digital uses with Primpromo Digital Suite

Following the success of Primpromo Integrated Edition, its market-leading software solution for estate agents, Open is now launching Primpromo Digital Suite, a suite of standalone and collaborative application services in SaaS. The aim is to make the most of its expertise in property sales in order to support this rapidly evolving sector in its digital transformation.

Primpromo Digital Suite is the answer for the new digital uses of property professionals

A new 100%-digital SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, Primpromo Digital Suite is a catalogue of standalone or associated application services that are instantly available through user subscription. These services support estate agency employees in their activities, from market prospecting through to the delivery of property developments. This suite natively integrates new digital uses such as geopositioning or the analysis of the Big Data linked to the property.

In just a few clicks, Primpromo Digital Suite is accessible on any mobile device, via a secure cloud platform. The solution currently offers four services:

  • budget calculator for quickly estimating and managing the budget of property projects in real time;
  • budget simulation for preparing and simulating a provisional budget for any property project and thus maximising margins by testing several hypotheses;
  • contract consultation for viewing the contracts, amendments and statuses of the companies involved in a property  operation;
  • price scale simulation and sales management for fixing the fairest price by taking all accessible data into account.

In the coming months, the following services will be added in order to provide a complete solution:  cash-flow simulation; market monitoring; prospect monitoring; commercial monitoring; operational budget monitoring; and accounting monitoring.

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“To complement our experts' combined field expertise, we have designed a suite of standalone digital services for property developers. The speed of familiarisation and user-friendliness of these services and the integration of the very latest digital technologies were at the heart of our approach.” Raphaël Giraud, Director of Solutions at Open.