Open offers a unique industrial production system for meeting requirements in terms of quality and competitive edge. This dynamic system enables production to evolve over a controlled transformation trajectory.

Services are delivered according to four  production methods:

  • Centres of Excellence: the client handles the operational management of a team entirely made up of Open employees, working on the client’s site.
  • Managed Centres of Excellence: here again the service is provided on the client’s site, but each team is supervised by an Open project manager and the tactical management is jointly undertaken by Open and the client.
  • Delivery Centres: the service, in project mode, is provided onsite at Open, which undertakes the project management and commits to delivering a specified project for a set cost within a pre-determined time frame.
  • Service Centres: Open makes a shared production capacity available to its client on the Open site, providing services that have been decided based on a set catalogue of services. Open then commits to results according to a transformation trajectory that incorporates productivity gains for the client. This production method involves reciprocal commitments.

The Open production system is an operational model that allows for optimal service provision to a client, by positioning the processes, services and functions in the most appropriate places and by enabling this service provision to evolve over a controlled transformation trajectory.

This system has the following characteristics:

  • Close proximity to clients  
  • Guaranteed high quality level (ISO9001, CMMI3, ITIL)
  • Secure methods and infrastructures (ISO 27 001)
  • Use of a common base of proven tools and methods
  • Adaptation to the variability of specifications and the requirements of responsiveness thanks to pooled expertise
  • Constant optimisation of practices through continuous improvement
  • Injection of added value and innovation
  • Specialisation by technological field and engineering activities

OPEN TRANSFO, a controlled transformation trajectory

OpenTransfo is the Open approach enabling management of and assistance with clients’ gradual move towards more attractive production methods.

PMR: the Production Method Repository

The Delivery Department, which guarantees the success of the results-based projects undertaken by Open, has rolled out the “PMR” (Production Method Repository) as a complement to the Quality Management System.


Based on industry standards (ISO9001, CMMI, ITIL, eSCM, ISO27001), the Production Method Repository allows our engineers to work on projects within a structured, industrial and optimised framework.  It is deployed in all of Open’s production centres. Continuously improved and covering all phases of service provision, it helps to meet our clients’ satisfaction targets and keep the commitments taken by Open.

Open, an Agile player!

Open is a committed Agility player and is strongly implicated in the methodology. If further proof were needed, Open adopted Agile culture and practices some years ago and has turned them into an expertise recognised by its clients, who are today convinced by the benefits of using agility in application development. Open supports them with consulting or implementation services.


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