Open is convinced of the advantages of agile procedures and we assist our clients through consultancy, coaching and creation services.

We break with the traditional production cycle to better answer our customers' concerns: the time-to-market constraint, needs during growth, responsiveness and adaptability to ever-changing organisations, etc.

All the processes in the project life cycle are affected and all the systems and applications are concerned, from legacy to digital applications, from the integrated and centralised system to connected objects...

Digital transformation is obliging companies to rethink design, creation, deployment, maintenance and operation/monitoring processes.

"A successful transition to an Agile- and DevOps-based culture is down to organisational, technological and methodological factors."

Frédéric Duport, CTO Open

Open shares Agile values

Open's conviction is based on the fact that agility can only function if all the stakeholders agree on the clear fundamentals of the agile manifesto. The manifesto’s four values are:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

Whilst taking into account the 12 principles of the agile manifesto.

The pillars of agility are worth sharing and agreeing to:

  • Choosing transparency: telling the truth about what is happening, showing it, making progress visible, deliveries, test results, problems, the roadmap, the release schedule, the vision, the risks, the hurdles, etc.
  • Choosing trust: starting out with a positive opinion of the other participants; deciding together that everybody is there for the right reasons, for the same goal and that nobody is there to con anybody and have the other party bear all the risks, or to do as little as possible for the most money.
  • Choosing the right to do better: the "inspect & adapt" pillars suggest that we always seek to do better together. This does not mean hiding weaknesses or highlighting those of others. It means continuous improvement, together. It also means recognising room for improvement and therefore the right to do less well than we might, on the condition that we implement the means to improve.
  • Choosing to be courageous: courage is a cornerstone of agility. Because a Product Owner needs to be courageous to take quick decisions when the team needs them to, the team needs to be courageous to set out on sprints of 2 to 3 weeks and deliver high-quality software, you need courage to admit that you can be better, and to accept the users' verdict at the end of each sprint.

"Agility is above all a state of mind, a question of men and women. Techniques and methods must serve this agile state of mind."

Agile coach

Recognised expertise

Open offers its clients these services:

  • Assistance with transforming their organisation to greater agility:
    • Helping purchasers, business lines and managers understand agility
    • Delivering projects in agile mode
    • Implementing DevOps
  • Coaching for the different participants:
    • For managers to learn how to monitor and manage agile projects
    • For the ISD to maintain the Build / Run, Dev / Ops vision
    • For Product Owners to learn how to manage their backlog, to communicate with the business line teams, the build teams and the run teams
    • For users and prime contractors, in the ideation, emergence, expression of needs, and acceptance phases etc.
    • For the Scrum Masters and the development teams
  • For its Product Owners
  • For its Scrum Masters and development team

These agile mechanisms and their contractual frameworks are perfectly mastered by all of the Open teams, its Product Owners, its Project Directors, and its team members. Our service methods are mature and have been integrated into our ISO 9001 certified management system, which is in phase with the CMMI repository.

Open is an agile player!

We are convinced that just "being agile" on our projects is a not a road to success.

Indeed, there is more than one way to be agile, there are many ways. However, it is necessary, indeed essential, to never forget the basics.

Open and our employees attend agile events, as participants, speakers, and organisers, to ensure that we don’t get stuck in our own practices, to look for new experiences, and to share what we have experienced.

Frédéric Duport
Chief Technology Officer
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