Open assists its clients in the design and development of their applications, for management systems, websites, mobile projects, etc.

These services cover a wide range of activities from technical analyses, designing and modelling, development, and tests up to delivery.

Open feels that it is important to apply the greatest possible number of levers to increase the efficiency of our activities in order to meet our clients' challenges in terms of time to market and cost optimisation.

These levers are:

  • The implementation of a User-Centric approach that aims to meet user requirements by adhering to current uses.
  • The choice of a project methodology that is in phase with client organisation: using the V model (traditional or iterative) or agile approach,
  • Local production, with teams working on the client's site, or at our Service Centres, in our production plants for services with a commitment to results
  • The industrialisation of development activities (continuous integration platform, automation, technical debt management),
  • Management that is suited to the criticality of the project.

Thanks to a very broad pool of expertise, Open knows how to adapt to its clients' IS constraints. Through the intermediary of its centres of expertise, Open provides innovative solutions: mobility and geolocation, micro-services architectures, the internet of things, big data, etc.

To ensure client satisfaction, our activities are certified ISO 9001 2008 version.

Finally, Open has CIR approval until 2019, which means that our clients can benefit from Crédit d’Impôt Recherche (French Tax Credit for Research) on eligible projects.

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