For years, Open has been committed to the automation and industrialisation of management infrastructures to rapidly meet the requirements of businesses and users at the best price.

Developments in the IT sector are now driven by the needs of businesses and users.

In order to meet objectives for responsiveness, quality and economic performance, Open targets two different value contributions, working on the strategic, tactical and operational aspects of infrastructure management:

  • Shortening lead-times between the request for a service and its delivery,
  • Shortening lead-times between detecting an incident and finding a solution.

Open thereby applies a set of services that make it possible to meet the needs of businesses and users in the best manner, ensuring that new versions are brought into production rapidly, and that the answers provided to needs are adaptable.

Favouring a continuous approach

Open favours a continuous approach to all of its technical integration or operational activities, for the deployment of applications and managing transactions.

This approach is based on the automation and orchestration of technical processes, which makes it possible to prepare clients' production teams to switch to a DevOps mode.

Reducing the time to market through automation and increasing the reliability of the production chain

Automation and increasing the reliability of the deployment chain for applications and infrastructure components using a "DevOps" type approach are a major means for reducing the lead-time for making services available in production.

Open has therefore developed expertise, processes and tools that make it possible to simplify and homogenise integration work and optimise packaging lead-times.

Better quality deliverables at a limited cost

These processes are largely automated, ensuring both better economic performance and an improvement in the quality of the deliverables.

Open has applied the same industrialisation approach for deployment, by automating and coordinating the tasks related to the provisioning environment, offering three advantages:

  • Reducing lead-times for the provision of ready-to-operate environments;
  • Securing the infrastructures delivered;
  • Reducing the cost of the infrastructures produced.
Stéphane HALBOUT
Ile-de-France Regional Director
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