Open assists its customers with the optimisation of their IT infrastructures.

Managing infrastructures in an ever-changing sector
In a sector that is marked by the need to evolve and shortening production cycles, Open's Infrastructures Services Department aims to assist its customers, Information Service Departments and Production Departments, with the management of their IT infrastructures.

Operational support, maintaining operational conditions, managing the security of systems, production automation, operability & technical integration: Open has a range of offers of solutions and services that aim to provide high added value to assist customers with the management of their infrastructures.
This offering is suited to the specific needs and constraints of every organisation and can be applied on the customer's site, in our production centres or in a dedicated or pooled manner.

Meeting the new challenges faced by production departments

This assistance is part of an overall service of consultancy, studies and change management: Open is committed to overcoming the new time-to-market and Service Quality improvement challenges for production departments, and making it easier to adopt an Information System that meets your business requirements.

Vincent Luisin
Business Unit Director
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