Assistance from the start of your project to select the most appropriate software building blocks in a best-of-breed approach.

Open knows how to assist its clients in choosing the right path in the expression of needs phase. We make sure you are able to identify your specific needs and those that are naturally part of the standard solutions on the market.

There is a middle ground between the two extremes of fully specific application development and integration of the software packages on the market. An approach based on the best-of-breed software building blocks is often more appropriate for clients whose needs are sufficiently specific to prevent them applying a standard solution, but who do not wish to re-write everything. They prefer to fall-back on publishers (owners or open source) who are appropriate, high performance and durable.

Open's consultancy teams are on hand to assist them and advise them in a world where new solutions appear every day. Our experts independently assess which software building block offers the best functional and technical coverage matrix to meet precise technical specifications (sectoral constraint, time to market, budget).

A capacity to make commitments, in a solid industrial system and a mastered production cycle

As an integrator of solutions, Open is able to make a commitment to results in terms of quality, cost and lead-times. We use experienced management and a solid industrial system, based on tried and tested methods. The "Production Methods Repository" ensures the quality of our software production process.

As an integrator, the Open Project Director is fully liable for the commitment regarding the suggested solution. They make an undertaking both regarding the specific services and the standard functions offered by the publisher and their product roadmap.

In-house solutions and partnerships with the market leaders

Open is the publisher of a certain number of solutions, which we sell directly and that we are able to integrate in-house.

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Furthermore, due to our culture of excellence, which is always on the lookout for developments on the market, Open also depends on a policy of partnerships, both with the leading companies in the sector and niche players, which allows us to offer the most appropriate solution in a given context.

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In addition to our capacity to integrate solutions, Open also has commercial agreements that allow us to act as a retailer.

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