Implementing an IT project requires an organisation that is able to align the solution with needs and to keep the commitments of the different participants.

As IT projects represent major corporate challenges and investments, over what are sometimes very tight deadlines, the client's organisation secures and strengthens its system by asking for assistance with project management.

Our Project Management Assistance community is managed at a national level and makes particular use of Yammer (a social network for companies) to share articles, feedback from experience, and also to get advice for its assignments or answers to calls for tenders."

Christophe Boden, Head of Practice for Project Management Assistance

The Project Management Assistance offer byOpen is available at a fixed price, in AT or Skill centre mode.

  • Ensuring collaboration between professional and IT participants
  • Encouraging smooth discussions and creating value
  • It is characterised by a combination of business, digital and methodological expertise
  • It is based on methods that focus on the time to market and continuous improvement


The positioning of Project Management Assistance offers by Open:

The qualities that make our Project Management Assistant Consultants stand out:

  • Through their Passion for digital transformation and their customers' businesses
  • Through their sense of Commitment at a personal and collective level
  • Through their Audacity as a source of ideas and freedom to innovate.
  • Through their human qualities of Listening, Curiosity, Proactivity, and Communication

With more than 900 consultants, Open works on the creation and development of applications either as a Project Management Assistance Designer, a Project Management Assistance Project Manager or Digital PMO, or as a Coordinator and Product Owner.

Christophe Boden
Head of Project Management Assistance practice for the Public Transport Sector
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