With FullMaps, it has never been so easy to create online and mobile maps. In just a few clicks, you can create your map and share it with your in-house and external contacts and together build a map with high added value.

Design, share and publish online and mobile maps easily.

FullMaps has a simple and user-friendly interface that allows you to create appropriate maps that match your brand image in just a few clicks. The solution allows you to share your maps whilst you work on your data in real time with your colleagues, partners or customers. You can then publish your map instantly on your website and your mobile application.

Open designed FullMaps to make map-making accessible to people at every level in the company, regardless of their experience in cartography. Based on the most advanced technology on the market, API Premium from Google Maps, FullMaps offers the best cartography services through a powerful and familiar interface. The successful tool for the general public hides real potential for the development for your company.

A range of uses

What if maps were no longer just for experts?

From the "simple" store locator, to more advanced solutions that integrate geolocation services in the mobile environment, FullMaps offers a wide range of uses. They can serve a variety of challenges such as marketing or communication about the coverage of the distribution network. The solutions even apply operational issues such as maintenance tasks in the field that must be based on indoor micro-localisation to push information to customers or employees in real time.

FullMaps can be used to meet commercial needs, to develop a network, or for communication by a range of business sectors:

  • Banks: finding and locating branches, analysing locations, or analysing the performance of products in different areas
  • Insurance: locating claims, analysing risks by area, or locating the nearest professionals, etc.
  • Industry: mapping infrastructure networks, mobile applications for technicians, indoor visualization of production sites, or shift control desks, etc.
  • Healthcare and pharmacies: locating pharmacies and healthcare professionals, identifying the ‘customers’ for pharmacies, or adapting offers to local populations, etc.
  • Agriculture: analysing the cartography of agricultural sectors, parcels of land, types of crops; visualising sales areas; identifying discrepancies in the performance of different holdings; finding areas with high growth potential, etc.

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