MoodPeek is Open's solution for analysing the opinions of mobile users. It collects and analyses the opinions submitted on App stores.

What if your mobile users held the keys to correcting and improving your presence on App stores, or just confirming your choices?

User opinions are one of the principal criteria for installing an application and they have an impact on your brand's online image. It is therefore fundamental that you listen to your mobile users and understand their message.

That is exactly what MoodPeek—a unique and innovative solution for analysing mobile application users' opinions—allows you to do.

How does it work?

The solution is based on the semantic analysis of the opinions expressed by users on the App stores. MoodPeek allows you to assess and control the mobile reputation of your applications.

MoodPeek logs all the comments on a mobile app. The solution uses a powerful semantic-analysis engine that interprets the comments and transforms them into opinions.

Comments on App stores represent an inexhaustible source of information, so we have designed MoodPeek to gather the data so you can benefit from it.

Users' impressions are rated above any other opinion, and rise above debates between experts and prejudices. This makes them a key component of your mobile reputation.

What mobile users say about your apps, what they like, what they dislike, and what they would like, give you indications of the strategy to follow to improve your mobile reputation.

Comments on App stores are a rich and diverse source of information.

Key figures...

  • 64% of users say that the quality of an application can influence a brand image.

And yet…

  • 66% of apps have a below-average rating
  • 83% of the apps available in App stores are invisible to users
  • Users install 35 apps on average and use only 15.


Listen to your mobile app users & Analyse their opinions

MoodPeek categorises opinions according to 8 analysis criteria: Usefulness, Reliability, Performance, Feeling, Functions, Ergonomics, Aesthetics, Stability and three damage detectors: Intrusiveness, Compatibility and Abandon.

MoodPeek also provides you with analytical data on your users' in-App uses: commitment, pathway, the most visited pages, etc.

MoodPeek has many functions.


  • Analysing relevant comments
  • Analysing the damage criteria
  • Analysing opinions/ratings in the App stores
  • Analysing in-app uses
  • Monitoring key words
  • Alerting (notifications)
  • Trends in the sector
  • Comparison with an application on OS
  • Comparison with another application
  • Comparison with a group of applications
  • Comparison with a sector
  • Managing a group of applications
  • Exporting PDF files from Dashboards
  • Managing several user & professional accounts
  • Sharing your MoodPeek ratio in-house
  • The viral capacity of your data on social networks
  • Answering negative comments
  • Email address
  • Specific customer manager
  • MoodPeek expert report

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