Open's Functional Support offer is based on dedicated Service Centres and industrial processes, which guarantee the reliability and efficiency of the IS business line.

With a full portfolio of services, for businesses and users, the Open offering includes a range of services that combine support for functions and users.

Open's Functional Support offering is at the heart of the continuity, reliability and efficiency of the IS business line:

Open's Functional Support ensures that it meets the demands of business users and that their applications operate correctly.

Functional Support particularly makes it possible to maintain:

  • The continuity of service for business processes
  • Users’ efficiency when operating their IT tools
  • The reliability of information to serve the company's business requirements

Open's dedicated Services Centre, in Tours, applies an industrial process and a Front Office / Back Office model that offers a balanced distribution to suit the needs of every customer.

It combines more than 100 employees who are specialised in the function and trained in the customer's specific context. This means that they can offer high-quality operational support on business applications with strategic data, or even specialist software packages for a targeted field of application.

A user support service that combines high-quality service with limited costs:

Open's services desk makes office tools available to users through local support.

With numerous platforms and an ever-growing number of widely dispersed and increasingly mobile users, companies need the support of a reliable centre with large opening hours that can provide an all-encompassing service.

Nicolas Biais
Business Unit Director
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